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Thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in JHP. Johnny's Happy Place came about after the death of our beautiful friend, son and brother Johnny Mackay, in October 2014. We wanted to create something wonderful in Johnny's memory which we hope will be a lasting legacy to the most unique, warm, funny, talented and compassionate person.

There are many people out there who, for one reason or another, through circumstance, are having a tough time. They might have anxiety issues, depression or just feel isolated. What we have done, with the help of some wonderful people, is created a beautiful community space/cafe within Keystone's building. WE ARE OPEN TO EVERYONE! JUST POP IN! To read more about us please go to What is JHP? 


SAT 10-2

SUN 11-2.

JHP cafe, Keystone, 97 Rockingham Road,

Kettering, Northants, NN16 9HX

Johnny's Happy Place

Johnny's Happy Place

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We often get asked to help children. We always refer people to Youth Works Community College. It's an independent special school for learners aged 13 to 16 years with social, emotional or mental health (SEMH) difficulties, which offers a range of counselling, therapeutic and support services to meet the needs of children, young people and adul​ts. They can help other schools with techniques and training.

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"I want to live in a world where everyone can be themselves, truly and happily"

                                    - Johnny Mackay 

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