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JHP is a Community Interest Company run by 7 boards members.

We are a not for profit, voluntary group.


Everyone has mental health; some days it might be better or worse than others but like a diet, we all have it and we want to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. JHP is open to everyone: old, young, rich, poor, good mental health, poor mental health.

  • From 10-11.45 we have a Fareshare food table where anyone can come and bring a bag and take some free food away, courtesy of Tesco.

  • Cake and hot drinks served from 10-1.45

  • Tea and coffee is free

  • All food is £1

  • Hot food served from 11.30-1.30

  • We have a counsellor in every Saturday between 12-2 for you to speak to.

  • We have a free art workshop between 12-2 on a Saturday. We do require you to book ahead as we only have six spaces. You'd need to come to the cafe to sign up.

  • We have a free Creative Writing workshop on a Sunday. Again you'd need to book in advance by coming in to the cafe.

We are open Saturdays 10-2, Sundays 11-2.

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