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 are spent on the following:



  • Rent

  • Art workshops with professional artist and qualified therapist every Saturday afternoon. We don't charge for any of our workshops

  • Food and drink to enable people to have affordable food and free refreshments.

  • Counsellor. We pay a professional counsellor to come in for two hours on a Saturday. This is so people can have free drop in sessions or more ongoing counselling. We think this is an incredibly valuable resource to offer to people at no cost to them.

  • Creative writing workshops

  • General upkeep and maintenance of the cafe!

  • Advertising and literature both for our cafe and to give to other organisations


JHP is being run behind the scenes by 7 people, most of which have full time jobs so it's not easy! Hence why we might need to employ people in the future in order for it to be successful.


Here is the donate PayPal button!


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