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Johnny Mackay - The Single

Thursday 10th December 7.30pm (Doors at 7pm)

Kettering Arts Centre @ St Andrew's Church

What's it all about?


The night after Johnny died, some of his friends met up in the local pub and "cajoled" their friend Simon into singing an impromptu song about Johnny, which he did. It was videoed, we saw it and we asked Simon if he would like to sing it at Johnny's funeral, which he did and it was brilliant. Along with Simon we decided to get the song recorded and released as a tribute to Johnny and that is what we have done. Simon Connolly has spent a lot of this last year working on getting it created and we/he will be releasing it at Kettering Arts Centre on December 10th. It will be available to buy in CD form and also as a download. It will be a festive night of music with some great local bands/singers, culminating in the song itself which will hopefully raise a few pennies for JHP but mostly we hope it's just a really fun night! You can read an article about it here and tickets can be bought at the JHP cafe on a Saturday and from Eventbrite.

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