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Johnny finished writing this story a couple of weeks before taking his life. Fortunately he emailed a manuscript of it to his father. Johnny's sister Charlotte spent the first half of 2015 designing and getting the book made, together with the help of the wonderful illustrator Steff Lee. All proceeds going to JHP."Norman seems to be a very regular looking sort of caterpillar. He's plump, green and a little spiky - nothing unusual there.The thing is, Norman goes everywhere... backwards. He doesn't see what's in front of him until it's behind him. But is this all about to change?You see Norman likes Cynthia. Cynthia is a snail - a very beautiful snail. Cynthia likes Norman too. She sees the beauty in him where others don't. Perhaps, with Cynthia's help, Norman will reach his full potential and start to face the world...head on."

Norman the Caterpillar - Paperback

  • No returns unless damaged.

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